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Revolutionizing Learning


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Addictive Gameplay Makes Learning Fun!

Learning a language has never been so much fun! You will be amazed at how quickly you learn new words with the fun and addictive game play of Mind Wiz! 

If you are learning English for the first time, this is the perfect way to start. Perfect for all ages: from Kindergarten to University graduates. 

Recommended by teachers and professors worldwide, the original game play will help you quickly master and expand your vocabulary while leaving you on the edge of your seat with heart-pumping, clock-racing action! 

Explore the campaign mode to unlock all stages in your journey to glory while you discover all 330 unique words and art in 16 stages! Get 5 bronze stars in related campaign stages to unlock greater difficulty game modes including silver and gold star campaigns! 

For the first time ever, experience this fast-paced game where you tap an image to hear the word and swipe it to select it! Help the Mind Wiz wizard collect all objects on the screen in your race to the top! 

- Prove your mastery by unlocking achievements in Fruit, Travel, Home and Animals! 
- Get 5 stars on completed campaign stages to increase your player level! 
- Interactive leaderboard that keeps track of yourself, your friends and your family! 
- Full progress report that records your progress and stats in mastering all of the words! 
- Custom game mode that allows you to focus on the words and game style that you most enjoy! 
- Master the bronze stages to unlock silver and gold star game play for a greater challenge! 
- More expansion packs are being released to keep the experience fresh and new, while expanding your knowledge! 
- Groundbreaking special effects and animations never before seen in a game that expands your mind! 

Download the game for free and be among the first in the world to experience the future of learning! 


1. Swipe the floating object that matches the displayed word. 
2. If you don't know the word, you can tap the bubbles to hear the sound of each word. 
3. If you make a mistake, you can re-launch the bubble by tapping it at the bottom of the screen (no points are awarded on the second attempt) 
4. Get at least 1 star to unlock the next stage. Get 5 stars to unlock higher difficulty modes, achievements and increase your level!